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Business Databases

Business Databases

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Internet Marketing Chatter

What is B2B email marketing?

Marketing direct to businesses and consumers is the most effective form of marketing. Our files contain names of businesses with all their contact information so you can send your ads or pitch direct. You can market via telephone,email or by regular mail. This is a very cost effective way to market all in a way that produces a decent revenue and very easy to do..

Why Us?

It is basically accepted that in b2b email marketing some 30 per cent of those on your b2b email lists will change their address each manufacturing year. If the move is internal then there may possibly a duration of time when individual will get access to their previous address. Our lists are verified and updated each quarter of the year to ensure you receive as fresh data as possible

Lead Generation Experts

B2Bemailleads.com is a subsite of www.Mailbanger.com, please visit our main site here to see our complete collection of consumer and targeted lists click more ...

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